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miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2012

The Irish Experience: Multiculturalism in 21st Century Ireland

I knew that Dublin, a present-day European capital city, was going to be very multicultural. But I wasn’t expecting the amount of cultures and languages that I have found here. As a translator and former student of anthropology (my philosopher days), I find all this very interesting and that's why I feel like writing about it. Because of that and because I can also use the info for academical purposes. Remember I am always open to correction of mistakes and style tips. I start to feel comfortable when writing in English, but I am aiming for improvement here.

The Spanish Diaspora A view about the new Spanish emigrants and also the new Spanish Dubliners

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  1. I guess this is the right place for my usual rants, then. Here I go. Let me know if you need more explanations.

    For what they talk about, > From what they talk about,
    They speak in English > They speak English OR They talk in English
    reading with fully understanding of the situation > with a full understanding
    Spanish unemployment reaches to more than > reaches more than (otherwise, it sounds like unemployment is alive and is reaching to us)
    That without taking > That's without
    a job market that it’s likely to not give them a job > a job market unlikely to ever offering them a job (too many "that" in this sentence)
    You can either do anything and wait until something > either do nothing (or at least that's how I understand your idea, it read strange)
    until something, a miracle happens > until something, like a miracle, happens
    do decisions > make decisions
    This guy chose air > ??? (if you mean the plane, a nice metaphor would be "flight", as in "fight or flight", which is an idiom)
    computer-related company > IT company
    the staff falls down > the staff is cut
    video game companies too > video game companies, too
    He did and > He did so, and
    offered him to drop by and have > asked him to
    get off of the plane > get off the plane (as in "get off my lawn")
    you are not in Spain > (not a mistake at all, but a lost opportunity for a "you are not in Spain anymore" Oz reference, which is always a classic in pop culture ;))
    and every kind of studies > and with every
    some in the past, > some in the past;
    went hopeless > became hopeless (of, if you want to evoke Cormac McCarthy's The Road, "emigrate from a bleak scenary")
    that built a big economic [time] boom > ??? (you may mean "that underwent a big economic boom"?)
    that had to use immigrant > that it had to use immigrant (somehow, an explicit subject is missing here, even though it is the same subject as before)
    Spanish immigration having to see > Spanish immigration had to see (missing main verb)
    I can help but feeling > I can't help but feel (if that is what you mean)
    of the Spanish history > of Spanish history
    going to deeply regret > going to regret deeply
    will Spanish language go > will the Spanish language go